Phill From GCHQ


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Phill Philby

Phill is a classic antihero in the tradition of some of Katharsisdrill's old heroes. First an foremost Gilbert Shelton, Robert Crumb and the Danish cartoonist Claus Deleuran, all more or less (in their own very idiosyncratic way), part of the counter-culture movement of the late sixties and the seventies. But times have changed and pot-smoking, beer-drinking, pussy-hunting hippies are not really going to translate easily into this well-dressed and well-behaved millennium. Therefore Phill is a man of the system, with all the characteristics that we know and love from ourselves. Anxiety, stress, security addiction, guilt and phobias. Unfortunately Phill is not, like his screen-watching colleagues and readers, going to get spared some real life action, all because of that fatal moment when he stepped over the boundary and into server room Q13.


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All pages in the continuing story of Phill from GCHQ are made in the open-source digital painting application Krita and the text in the open-source graphics vector application Inkscape on the open-source Linux operating system Mageia. Katharsisdrill know that he owes all the people working on these free systems a lot.