Open Source Comics (OS Comics)

A New Generation Of Comics


I take inspiration from Pepper&Carrot for this idea

A free, libre and open-source webcomic supported directly by its patrons to change the comic book industry!

task for Info


  • All comics must have one of this logos, the CCBY(NCSA4) and the link for donation
  • Create a subproject and put in the title, the Comic Title that you will create, and (eventually) put the link where to receive donations (or whatever you want to use, in the appropriate space)
    • Create, various goals regarding backgrownd, skills, graphics, costumes and anything else
    • Create, various tasks for various discussions
  • The hero/protagonist must not resemble any known hero/protagonist already part of the DC & Marvel
  • When all is done, the creator of the comic will create the first number with the story of his hero, in PDF format (like the classic Marvel & DC) and maybe can start getting some donations for a possible second number
  • All the comics will be released in your native language (or English if you prefer), then in any other language the author want to release them (other languages will be published by volunteers)
  • Use the subprojects releases section for release the numbers and all the extra material that the author will release

example of OS Heroes